Securing Your Canine

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A deposit will hold a specific dog for up to 30 days. This allows you to take the canine you are interested in off the market while we walk you through the T3 selection process. This allows us to prepare you to meet the candidate. We will help guide you in selecting the appropriate dog for your need and lifestyle.

When you move forward purchasing the selected dog, your deposit will be applied in full to the total purchase price of the dog. If you still have not made a selection after 30 days, you will lose the hold on your initial selection. Your deposit, however, will be fully credited towards the future purchase of a T3 dog within six months.

Once your canine is selected and is ready to move forward, T3 makes the purchasing process simple and straightforward. T3 canines range in price, based on a combination of livability, sociability, protection level. We will work hand in hand with you to guide you through the purchasing process, including deposit requirements, purchasing options and contract information.


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